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GK Hair accessories set Global Keratin Juvexin, shop warsaw Poland

GK Hair accessories set Global Keratin Juvexin

54,90 zł

49,90 zł

Unit price: 49,90 zł per zestaw

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Global Keratin

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GKhair wide range of styling tools allow you to create any desired look; from sleek, smooth and straight, to full, bouncy waves and curls.


1. GLOBAL KERATIN Fine tooth comb

2. GLOBAL KERATIN Mixing bowl

3. GLOBAL KERATIN Application brush

4. GLOBAL KERATIN Shark clips

Global Keratin GKhair bowl brush tooth clips cena 49.90zł - sklep warszawaGlobal Keratin GKhair brush set cena 109zł - sklep warszawa

Global Keratin

GK hair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin, which is delivered to the hair in its natural state.
Derived from pristine sheep wool through an environmentally friendly process, Juvexin is found in GK hair products worldwide and restores hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state. Juvexin is non-hydrolyzed, contains intact keratyn and consists of both large and small molecules. The smaller Juvexin molecules penetrate the cortex, improving and restoring hair from the inside out while the larger molecules wrap around the cuticle layer of the hair, creating a protective shield against free radicals such as UV Rays and pollution. The GK hair Hair Taming System with Juvexin is beneficial to all hair types with beautiful results you can see and feel.

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