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Ewelina Sułecka

ul.Romantyczna 16 05-830 Walendów

NIP 6562157879, Regon: 365080312



Office - stationary shop:

phone: +48 882 009 001


We are a company specialized in brand products GKhair® - Global Keratin® - Juvexin®. We participate in the "life" brand since its inception, and with satisfaction and contentment spread the awareness on the Polish market. All our company was created for promoting, advertising, selling and developing GK Hair in our country.
We sell products which we have, not virtual. So ordered products are shipped the same or next day.
All products are in original packaging, originally protected by the manufacturer.
IMPORTANT !!! - We do not spill products !!! Remember - Companies bottling / overflowing products forget about the shelf life of the product since its opening and thus the services performed for such products may only cause trouble and harm the client.
Save time with cosmetics GKhair®. Work has never been so simple. Cosmetics GKhair® make the work easier and faster and the effect satisfies the most demanding customers.