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Withdrawal from the consumer contract

1. A consumer who has concluded contract with the Seller has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 14 days from the day receiving the purchased items.
2. In order to withdraw from the contract, the Consumer must inform the Seller about his decision to withdraw from the contract by means of an unambiguous statement - for example, a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail.
3. The consumer may use the model withdrawal form available below however it is not obligatory.
4. In order to keep the deadline for withdrawing from the contract, it is sufficient for the Consumer to send information on the exercise of the right of the consumer to withdraw from the contract before the deadline for withdrawal from the contract.
5. The consumer is obliged to return the product to the Seller or to the person authorized by the Seller to immediately, but no later than 14 days from the date on which he withdrawn from the contract, unless the Seller suggested that he will pick up the item himself. To meet the deadline, it is enough to return the product before its expiry.
6. The consumer bears the direct cost of returning the item.
7. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Seller shall return to the Consumer all payments received from the Consumer, including the cheapest shipping cost available in the shop (if the cost covered the Consumer) immediately, not later than 14 days from the day on which the Seller was informed on the withdraw from the contract. Returns will be made using the same payment methods that were used by the Consumer in the original transaction, unless the Consumer has explicitly agreed to another solution. In any case, the Consumer will not incur any fees due to the form of payment reimbursement.
8. If the Seller has not offered to pick item from the Consumer , he may withhold the refund of payments received from the Consumer until goods back or delivered by the Consumer.
9. The consumer is liable for the decrease in the value of the product as a result of using the product in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product.

Pobierz-plik-PDF.png Formularz odstąpienia od umowy

Responsibility for defects

1. The seller is obliged to provide the Consumer product free from defects.
2. The Seller is liable to the Consumer if the sold product has a physical or legal defect (warranty for defects).
3. When the delivered parcel will bear the signs of damage, ie crushing, wetting the packaging, tearing the security tapes, breaking the continuity of the package, please write down the damage report and not accept the parcel.
4. In the event of the above-mentioned situation, notify the seller and send a copy of the damage report to the
5. In the event that the delivered parcel did not bear the marks of damage and the content was damaged, the parcel was not complete or the contents was not in compliance with the order shall be immediately sent to information about any inconsistencies.
6. In the event of a delay in the delivery, the customer is asked to report this case to the Seller, and the Seller will make every effort to clarify the situation and remedy.
7. If the product has a defect, Consumer may:
1) demand replacement of the product with one free from defects,
2) request removal of the defect,
3) submit a price reduction statement,
4) submit a statement of withdrawal from the contract.
8. If the Consumer finds a defect of the product, he should inform the Seller about it, specifying at the same time his claim related to the defect found or by submitting a statement of appropriate content.
9. The Consumer may use the complaint form, available below
10. The Consumer may contact the Seller both by traditional letter as well as by e-mail.
11. The seller responds to the complaint within 14 days from the date of delivery of the complaint by means of a means of communication with which the complaint was filed.
13. Details of the Seller's warranty for defects are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code (Articles 556 - 576).

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